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The time period from the creation of man in Genesis chapter 1 to the time of Noah and the flood can be found in Chapter 5 of Genesis where Adam’s descendants leading up to Noah is found.  Using the dates of who gave birth to who you can calculate the actual time from the creation to the flood.  The following is taken directly from this chapter of the Bible.

Adam To The Flood

 This web sight is dedicated to my Lovely Wife who taught me so much about the word of God.

Chuck Missler On The Book Of Daniel

For more information on Chuck Missler check out his website at:


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  1. Hi my brother. Wonderful site you have created. My apologies for not keeping in touch as I should. I love you💗 Wanted you to know that we are doing well. Hugs

    Your Sister

    1. Glad you like it. Did you watch Chuck Missler on the book of Daniel? If so let me know what you think of his perspective on the book.
      Love, your brother.

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