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The following is my first attempt at art from the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.  This was from the first exercise on page 10.  The first exercise recommended in the book.  This is an attempt to draw a picture of myself while staring in a mirror at my older rugged looking framed head.  I have never dabbled much in the excruciating process of learning to draw.  A beginner at best wishing to dabble in something new.  As an engineer I mostly drew mechanical devices and or simple drawings of machines and such.  The book was recommended and generously provided by my loving Mother as a gift.  If anyone out there is familiar with the book I would enjoy hearing about your experiences with it.  My first attempt took me 20 minutes to perform.  Please do not laugh to hard.  My eye’s are eschew, and slender as if I where Chinese decent.  Being a mixture of ethnic groups.  I don’t even really know what ethnic background I am except, pale white skin, sunken eyes with a graying blue haze to them, not exactly a Kendal.  Others please feel free to share your drawings with me.  I would be happy to post them here giving credit to the author, and the age.  Anything goes!  Just send such sketches to me at:


Author: Dennis Bingaman

Age: 51

Looking forward to adding other peoples drawings here 🙂

Oil Paintings

I do not create oil paintings, but some of the finest oil paintings available from one of the finest artist around is Donna Bingaman.  She specializes in Portraits, but is talented in all Art forms, you can view her site at:

Portraits By Oil



10 thoughts on “The Arts”

  1. Wonderful first attempt ! As you do the exercises you will quickly improve. Take you time on each one and bravo on your first drawing. It looks like you but you are much more handsome than this so keep it up and close to the end when you do another drawing it will look even more realistic and a closer resemblance . Love Mom

    1. Thanks! The book has me drawing my hand next. Appreciate the encouragement! If you can get some of the grandchildren sending me some pictures that they have drawn I would like to add them to the collection with the author and how old they are to each drawing. You can just send them to my email 🙂

  2. Good job Dennis. I’ll get a copy of that book for myself. I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. I’m thinking of getting back into it. Hope you’re well. Call me sometime.

  3. Hi sweety, the hand is very well done. I really like the shadow. It gives it a lot of depth. Light and dark is the key to a lot of reality. Each excersize helps us realize the way to get depth on a 2 dimensional surface. Very very good job. Love Mom

  4. Thanks Mom! The next exersize is to draw a chair by looking at a real one, not a photograph. Also, we could add some of the pictures people have done for your art class to the website if they would like to present the material here.

  5. Wonderful job sweety, the perspective is very well done!! You are a natural. Keep drawing from life everyday if possible. Your schetch pad is one of the best ways to learn to draw. Love Mom

    1. Thanks Mom! You are correct, I need to practice everyday. I am continuing to read the book and do the exercises. You would think I would have no issue with one drawing a day, I am retired :). I plan to place another drawing in here on Sunday. See if you can get any of your students to submit some drawings. I would like to add some from other people besides myself to the web site.

    1. Hi Dad, not much to it really. I use WordPress on this site. WordPress supports plugins, one of the free plugins is called Akismet. It basically does it all for you. 🙂

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